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Interesting Facts
  1. Starfish have no Brains
  2. Some turtles can live 150 years!
  3. 40% of all people are nearsighted
  4. The shortest war ever lasted 38 minutes.
  5. HenryVIII's second wife had six fingers on one hand
  6. The population of Azerbajian is 7,021,178.
  7. The name Attila, translated into English, means "Little Daddy"(Little Daddy the Hun?)
  8. A turtle once inherited $100,000 from its owner.
  9. There are over 250 species of Anoles(a type of lizard)
  10. There is a species of ants that is found only in buildings in Washington, D.C
  11. Komodo Dragons have poisonous spit.
  12. The scientific name of a Boa Constrictor is Boa Constrictor.
  13. Princess Diana was a direct desendent of Attila the Hun.
  14. The brain has no nerves that feel pain.
  15. Diamonds are the hardest natural substance on earth.
  16. The first atomic bomb was partialy held together by TAPE!!!
  17. Sharks do not have air bladders.
  18. Some fish have been found to be attracted to marijuana.
  19. The atomic weight of the element Ytterbium is 173.04
  20. The average elevation of the Rocky Mountains is 6,800 feet.
  21. Chicago and Seattle have buses that bend in the middle.
  22. Every 2 seconds, someone goes to the bathroom.
  23. The Green Anole is the most common lizard in the US.
  24. There are 23 Godzilla movies so far.
  25. Coca-Cola was invented in 1886 as a medicine containing cocain and caffine.
  26. The cruise ship Queen Elizibeth 2 goes 6 inches for every gallon of fuel it uses.
  27. If you turn a shark on its back, it will fall asleep.
  28. Hitler got married 2 days before he killed himself.
  29. Atilla the Hun died from drinking too much wine at his wedding.
  30. A group of goldfish is called a Troubling.
  31. A baby muskrat is called a Kit.
  32. A mouse's heart beats from 300 to 700 times a minute.
  33. The first elephant was brought to the US on April 13,1776
  34. Nitrohydrochloric Acid dissolves everything except silver.
  35. In Canada, Mentos are sold in packs of 2.
  36. Shakespeare was born and died on the same day(only many years apart).
  37. In the Caribbean, there are Oysters that can climb trees.
  38. Rhinos are all nearsighted.
  39. In one day more money is printed for Monopoly then for the US.
  40. Mrs.Roosevelt was the only first lady who carried a loaded revolver with her.
  41. Ketchup flows from an upsidedown bottle at 25 miles per hour.
  42. There are 246 different types of cheese in the United States.
  43. Saddam Hussien has a black poodle as a pet.
  44. May 1, 1961 was the first time a plane was hijacked to Cuba.
  45. A wink takes one-fourtieth of a second.
  46. Arizona has the most boat owners of any state.
  47. 6 breeds of cows are used in the U.S
  48. The first time a person got hung for witchcraft in America was on May 27, 1647
  49. The Anthrax biological weapon was first tested on penguins
  50. Wendy's in Wisconsin serve Pepsi. Wendy's in Illinois serve Coke.
  51. The co-creators of Prozac were both born in the same year.
  52. In some Paupa New Guienea tribes, it is customary for men to greet by grabbing each other's genitals.
  53. Democratic Congressmen are almost twice as likely as Republican congressmen to be offered a bribe.
  54. Franklin Roosvelt was related by blood or marriage to eleven other presidents.
  55. The male silkworm moth can detect mating signals from a female 6.5 miles away.
  56. It is the custom in Morocco for brides to keep their eyes closed during their wedding ceremony.
  57. In medieval Japan, fashionable women blackened their teeth to enhance their appearance.
  58. A bee has two large eyes in front of its head and three small eyes on top.
  59. The male sea horse carries the eggs on his abdomen until they hatch.
  60. During the reign of Peter the Great, there was a special tax on anyone with a beard.
  61. The neck of the male longnecked weevil is twice the length of its body.
  62. Handguns account for around 70 death a day in the USA. Most shooting involve family members or close friends.
  63. Of all the different breeds of dogs, the Greyhound as the best eye sight.
  64. The heart of a whale beats only nine times a minute.
  65. Camel's-hair brushes have nothing to do with camels. They were invented by a man named Camel.
  66. There are more than 2,000 muscles in a caterpillar.
  67. The insect that flies flies faster than a jet plane is the deer botfly, traveling at 800 miles per hour.
  68. Sutoku, an Emperor of Japan copied the Lankauru Sutra, a 10,500 word Buddhist tract in his own blood.
  69. In ancient Egypt the people made pillows out of stone.
  70. Fish can distinguish colors, and actually prefer certain colors over others.
  71. Dolphins rest uneasily. They sleep a few hours at a time, always with one eye open.
  72. Suicide was a crime in 19th century England. Those who failed attempting it were put to death by hanging.
  73. A piece of carcoal in your thermos jug will keep it fresher than stored.
  74. The female black widow spider devours the male after mating. She may kill as many as 25 males a day.
  75. Bats are not blind. They see very poorly. They fly by radar, picking up echoes of high pitched sounds they send out.
  76. The only mammal that is able to fly is the bat.
  77. Black walnut trees have been sold for as high as $30,000 each, just for the wood (Who says money doesn't grow on trees).
  78. To improve their appearance some modern Hindu women stain their teeth bright red.
  79. The Mayans filed their front teeth to pints, drilled holes in them and filled them with precius gems.
  80. Young seals are taught to swim by their mothers. When tired, the pup rests on its mother's back.
  81. Male monkeys go bald in much the same way that men do.
  82. The lantern fish has a glowing spot on its head that is bright enough to read by.
  83. Monkeys and men are the only mammals able to distinghish colors.
  84. The owl has no motion in its eyes, but can turn its head almost completely around.
  85. A hog is not a pig. A pig is really a baby hog until he becomes over 10 weeks old.
  86. There are 150 million sheeps in Australia and only 15 million people.
  87. The candle fish is so satured with oil taht Indians once burned them for fuel.
  88. A survey in the U.S. in 1974 revealed that the average 3-year-old child spent 30 hours weekly watching TV.
  89. In 16th century Turkey, coffee drinking was punishable by death.
  90. Some hummingbirds can beat their wins over sixty times a second.
  91. Cockroaches look the same today as they did 250 million years ago.
  92. Even with its head cut off, the cockroach can live for several weeks.
  93. Sheep will not drink from a stream or any other water that is runing.
  94. Male sea lion have been known to have over 100 wives.
  95. Sometimes a male sea lion can go as long as 3 month without eating.
  96. The antler of a male moose measure about 7 feet across.
  97. There are 68,000 miles of telephone line in the Pentagon building.
  98. The flounder has both eyes on one side of its head.
  99. The electric eel produces a shock of more than 600 volts, 5 times house current.
  100. Stone wheels as loarge as 10 feet acroos were used for money by the Yap Islanders.
  101. The mudfish can survive in mud for one year until the rain comes.
  102. Poison ivy is not ivy and poison oak is not oak. Both are part of the cashew family.
  103. The African baobab tree is pollinated by bats and its blossom opens only to moonlight.
  104. A man cannot run as fast as a hippopotamus.
  105. There are four stomachs in a cow.
  106. Finnish babies at one time were delivered in saunas. It was thought that the heat helped prevent infections.
  107. The human fetus in the womb is able to hear.
  108. The average human breathes about seven quarts of air each minute.
  109. Of the 206 bones in the body of humans. 52 are in the feet.
  110. The New Mexican whiptail lizart can reproduce without any male contact.
  111. The life span of the housefly is only two weeks.
  112. The national Institute of Education reports that over 5,000 teachers are robbed each month in our schools.
  113. Genghis Khan's real name was Temujin. The name Genghis, meaning "ocean," was given to him later. It referred to his vast power. Khan is a title that means "Chief."
  114. Mongolia has about 25 million head of livestock, including goats, sheep, camels, horses, and yaks. That is about 10 times as many animals as people.
  115. Confucius is actually a Western way of pronouncing the name Kong Fuzi, which means "Kong, the Great Master."
  116. Mt. Everest, a Himalayan peak in Nepal, is the highest point on earth. It is 29,028 feet tall.
  117. The Chow is the only dog that has a black tongue. The tongues of all other dogs are pink.
  118. Kangaroo rats never drink water. Like their relatives the pocket mice, they carry their own water source within them, producing fluids from the food they eat and the air they breathe.
  119. A crocodile weighing 120 pounds exerts a force of about 1,540 pounds between its jaws. A human being's jaws exerts a force of only 40 to 80 pounds.
  120. A python can swallow a rabbit whole and may eat as many as 150 mice in a six-month period.
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