Family  Reunion
Jesse L. Miles Sr

On the twenty first day of the sixth month,
we get together and share with each other,
the things that happened since we last met.
We are moca,high yellow and brown,
a sprinkle of White, to simmer us down.
We are Irish,Indian, and some Geechie Dan,
some Afro Americian, from the Sudan.
Some are short, and some are tall,
some with hair, and some are bald.
We are a part of the air you breath,
we are the sun the moon,the leaves on
the trees.
When the sun goes down,and the day comes
to an end,the laughter and joy of the family
Uncles and aunts,great grands are near,
all six of the children,are full of cheer.
We don't have fortune,and we don't have fame,
we enjoy the love we have at,1738 McNeil Lane.