Dark Poem
Fernando León (Lord Of Shadows)

Inside my nightmares
Believing that nothing was like before
I imagined a perfect world
In which I was only missing something
That until now I can not find.

There, between flames and evils
I found the angel that I was searching for
Since that moment my life changed
She taught me pain could be bearable
Cause of her I would do it without doubting.

She made me spread my dark wings
To try to fly to her side
And like a celestial light I admired
From my world of darkness
Which guided me to her
So I could be at her feet again.

I converted her in my autumn moon,
Perfect and beautiful, but far
Which I observed every night
Imagining how to conquer her.

And now that you are at my side
I want to freeze the time like this
To not get apart from your side
Until the moment to die.