Growing Up
Virginia Wonder

I think about you every day
Especially when I see little kids play
In their eyes and cute little faces
I notice that they don't see the difference in  
                their races
In those kids I see an image of you and me
I can see us as we begin to start our own family
Sometimes I imagine them as if they were yours 
                  and mine
And what would we do when they never want to 
    share and they always seem to whine
These things are not bad because that's just how 
                  all kids are
And in our eyes they will always be a shining star
We won't be able to stop how fast they will grow
So we will need to cherish all the special    
     moments even when the only word 
            they can say is no
It will seem as if one day they are just being 
And the very next day they are giving their love 
         away to keep someone else warm
Just as you and I
Yesterday we entered this world as we began to cry
And today we have grown into a woman and a man
Who are full of love and life as we hold our 
          hearts in the other's hand
These kids that I see today
They love to run and play
And sooner than expected tomorrow will be here
It will seem like it was less then a year
At this time they will start to love and care for 
      someone else as they hold hands and
          watch the day turn to night
And I am proud to say that it won't matter to 
           them if their lover is 
           black, mexican or white
They will love one another in the same special 
              way that I love you
And it won't matter to them if their lover is a 
           christian, muslim or a jew
They will fall in love based on the feelings in 
                  their heart
And I hope that their distance isn't far apart
This is the problem that we have to deal with and 
                  it is not fun
Because we have to be alone every night when the 
                   day is done
Every time I watch a movie or a show on TV
I imagine you laying next to me
I pretend that we are cuddled close together
And I know in my heart that we will be in love 
My heart whispers to me every night that someday 
       I will not have to pretend anymore
And keeping this love alive won't seem like an 
                impossible chore
When my kids today fall in love tomorrow
I wish that they will choose a good person to 
And even if that person has to live far away
I hope that they will listen to their hearts 
                  every day
To me, these kids are our kids and these kids are 
Today and tomorrow we will always love them, 
   ourselves and each other just because 
(read last two lines followed by the first two