To Say
Gautam Dhar

Sitting here in the evening sun
Some thoughts just take up my mind
Like the way you took my heart
And some words Iím trying to find

To say Iíll always be there
To say what you couldnít see
To say someone will always care
And that someone is Me

Shivering in the chill of the night
I long for so many things to say
If only you could show the light
But until I find a way

To say youíre the only one
Who could hold a candle to my heart
And thereís no place in the sun
For me to make a new start

Looking at your picture frame
I can hear your voice so gray	
Oh everything elseís just the same
Ever since you went away

To live in a world thatís oh so far
Where the nights donít speak of me
And if I could wish upon a star
Iíd want you here close to me

Now sitting here in the fading sun
I can feel my eyes fill up with tears
Thereís so much more I wish Iíd done
Oh I long to kiss away your fears

And say Iíll always be there
When youíre oh so far to me
And say that I will still care
Wonít you just let me be

To say it over and over again
Just how I miss you so
And thereís nothing left for me but pain
As I had to watch you go.