So Many Ways
Gautam Dhar

Thereís so many things I wish Iíd say
Thereís so many times I wish I could stay
Thereís so many ways I wish I could be
In the world so small, like an ever ending tree

For my Loveís just like that feeling
Like a dawn you wish could see
Like the colors of the rainbow
Why so far you are to me

Through this song I have nothing to say
But just how I love you so
And Iíve said this times before
But I thought youíd like to know

As I leave you in the daylight
My heart just breaks in two
For this time was like a long night
That would never come anew

You may think of it at dawn
What was once so pure and soft
And what just seemed like a month
Didnít feel at all too long

Now the shades of eve are falliní
And my words now turn to sigh
I can hear your soft voice calliní
How I wish you could be nigh

And still so many ways to tell you
So many things to say
But this little heart is saying
Oh even if you wonít stay

That if I should live forever
And all my dreams come true
My memory of love
Will be of you
And All my life
Just For You