Song for a Lonely Night
Gautam Dhar

Looking at the falling rain
Just fills my heart with so much Love
Seems I can forget all my pain
And fly to the Moon
On the wings of a Dove

Listening to the wind that blows
Just makes me think of her all the same
For my Love's such that never shows
Oh I hope she knows it wasn't a game

Standing still in the chill of the night
I can feel her touch with her arms open wide
Oh I remember when she held me tight
Yes I can see her sitting right beside

Been waiting all along for the dawn
Watching the birds soar up in the sky
Just yesterday morning 
They let me know she was gone
And there’s emptiness around
That just makes me cry

This life now feels just like a tale
There is no hope for me to see
Like a barren ship without a sail
There's just no place for me to be

But the winds that surround they keep blowing
Like a lonely shore about the sea
And I think it's love this heart's showing
Oh when will you Love me
As I Love Thee.