A Memory Set in Time
Lisa Canfield

Remind me with our golden dreams
Within your single touch.
Hold me then love me, then want me - 
Show that you care for me so very much.
So many memories have faded,
But ours are always present - brand new.
For itís in your sweet tender hold
That I remember that precious "I do."
In a single moment, a single second,
 a single piece of time;
When you wrap your arms around me
Do I know, and remember -
that you will always forever be mine.
Andrew, our wedding day was more
Than just a faded picture or memory.
It was the start - the beginning.
Of a you and a me.
A history.
Together we will always remain.
The same,
In our hearts, our souls, our minds.
For there is nothing more amazing
Then a memory set in stone,
A memory set in time.