Bob Spencer

It isn't really all that deep and doesn't
require lots of words. Sometimes it's a quick
pat on the butt as I pass by you. Other times
it's the look of pain I catch in your eyes when
you see me hurting.

It's that silly eye-squinting-holding-back-that-
laugh-you-know-you-want-to-laugh look when
my eyes go all big when you catch be goofing

How often I was not asleep when you came in
and pulled the covers up on me like I really

Remember when I slipped on the ice and you
screamed louder than I did?

I saw you looking at me with your hand across
your mouth choking back tears while I stared
at the sleeping child and gently kissed him good-

Or the absolute trust I saw when you told me
things it would have killed you to tell your other

You stood firm and stopped your mother cold
when she criticized our decisions in our own

I knew the gift was real because your eyes gave
it long before it left your hands.

No. I won't demand you to tell me you love me.
I know what I see.