State of Magic
Ilongo Fritz Ngale

Not yet day when the night is not over
Not night yet but the day is about to cover
The holy couple to consecration shrine moves.
The groom staggers in on animals noisy
Come the bride,rains of night fall on soil formless
The bridegroom mourning with containers empty
The chasm unbridgeable separating morning from night.
At dawn and twilight fusion the mediator appears
Criss-crossing currents of light fusing all in intermediate delight
Alms begging lost in palms replenishing.
The couple as one awake dreaming and dream waking
Sunrise and set freezing on horizontal arms
Forming wings for conscious flight.
In the intermediate state of power, east and west are welded in the glow
of love's blow-torch
Fight is now over
The reversed face of duality is exiled forever.