Your Eyes
Theresa L. Scott

Slowly slipping into a state of repugnancy,
The way you look at me, I loathe
Not even noticing me.
Your eyes have turned against me,
Scowling in an abhorrence I never thought could be.

There’s a notion I detect, they’re full of antipathy,
Razor sharp rage that cuts through my being.
Reducing me
To a babbling mass of innocence,
That summons the child-like essence fleeing.

Hiding in the dank recesses of inhumanity,
My instinctive ability to devour eludes me.
Screaming out in anguish,
I bleed.
The silence is unquiet, almost deafening.

This state of revulsion, it’s destroying me,
Masticating every inch of my dignity.
There’s nothing left but, deep-seeded animosity,
Until your eyes espial me anew.