Jd Harding
A Lover's Proclamation (for Miranda Palmer)

I donít write the poem.
The Poem writes itself.

Because only perception of paper can present you the proceeding in a
pause worthy manner.

Prose cannot fight the war for me.
It lost long ago to the battle of time.

Try to choose the route that takes you to the one that told you that
feeling was the true way to create life.

If my god is love,
And he created life in his image,
Then life is love.

The sight of Love is lost sometimes,
Lingering on long stretches of lonely dusk-lit one-lane roads.
But because your heart possesses courage to create memories that cause
Then we must bear the business that comes with the Ifs ands and buts

One thing wins the test of time
Love lingers, long lasting,
Confirmation is always better than living in a lie.

A Lover does not pose for pictures of pretend piece of mind
But I pray for those people who are persistent about pushing their
problems aside until they parish.