Gautam Dhar
The Old Man Said

Have you ever been in love my friend
The old man then asked me again
Yes but I left it way back then
For all I ever found was pain

There was a time that I'd once known
Oh it passed and left me alone
Love I thought would forever be mine
Now stands still and as dry as a stone

I feel your pain the old man said
And all those tears that you have shed
Lord knows I was in love once too
Oh those times I will never forget

Standing in the dark with the old man there
I could see how he could no longer bear
Looking at her picture with two lost eyes
Oh I had to turn away to hide a lonely tear

Then the old man said it's time for me to go
If you ever come back be sure to say hello
I'm so lost in her love what she couldn't see
Oh there's just no place that I'd rather be.