Daniel Wylie
Independent Strangers

Come inside my cabin
The raining will soon stop
Have this bowl of hot soup
Would you like to talk?

Tell me of all your journeys,
The dangers in the way
Tell me of the foreign lands,
That I aspire to see someday

You don’t say much stranger
Or are you that tired?
Of traveling from place to place
Independency I admire

So are you fond of your roaming ways?
Never staying in place
A loner from the far-off East
Would you like to stay?

I, myself, am alone as well
Though I do not move
Look! the rain has stopped
What would you like to do?

What are those tears I see?
Strolling down your face
You’ve never been asked,
“Would you like to stay?”

Well how about you stop
Your traveling for now
So we can live together
And keep our hearts aloud

We’ll always be there now,
In each other’s time of need
I think you taught me something stranger
That independent isn’t how it should be