Crystal Penn
The Light

The Valley was peaceful, lush and green.  Huge trees gave
shade and wild flowers bloomed in a variety of colors.  A small heard of
horses grazed occasionally lifting their heads to check the location of
the newcomer or to get a drink from the nearby stream.

A bright light flashed.  A very intense light with a full spectrum of
colors usually not seen by the naked eye.  It lasted only an instant but
commanded your full attention. 

The valley was not green anymore.  Huge structures marred this once
beautiful valley.  The horses were gone replaced by machines.  A haze of
smoke hovered over the once pristine sky and dead fish floated in the

Yet another awesome flash of light and the land was bare.
No trees, no structures, no horses, no machines.  Everything was dead.
The stream still flowed heavily polluted.

Flash of the light and there was new life.
Plants sprung forth, bugs off all sizes and shapes took over the land. 

One last flash took me back to the peaceful valley. 
The circle of life is continuous even if we are not.
A fact that should be remembered.

The End.