Un-fair Love
Sulin Quaresma-Baby Doll

Where did you learn to break a heart,
the way that you broke mine?
Because of all the pain youve caused,
Im hurting all the time.
I stay awake as long as I can,
afraid to face the night.
Not used to being without the one
who used to hold me tight.
I stay awake so very long,
I feel Im going insane.
I wasnt created strong enough
to deal with all this pain.
How could you go and lie to me?
You tore my world apart.
You wanted me to love you,
so I gave to you, my heart.
So many tears fall from my eyes
because I was a fool,
to believe the lies you fed to me.
How could you be so cruel?
Ive lost all of my energy.
Next will be my mind.
I know I need to get some sleep
and leave this love behind.
But once I lay myself to sleep,
I see that I'm alone.
This fear of being without you,
in my heart, has only grown.
I guess I should have known
this type of love ends.
You sat there and broke my heart,
then said we'd still be friends,
but how can I be friends
with someone such as you?
You made my life so happy
and then you said, "we're through!"