You Inspired Me
Paul Geurin

You inspired me to write of our love.
Last night by myself looking at the stars
I thought of how you compared your love for me,
to the number of stars in the sky.
And I know without any doubt there are not
enough stars in the nights sky to equal your love for me.

There aren't enough stars in the sky,
To show how many times,
I've wished for you and I to be together.
There aren't enough places in the world,
To show how far,
I'd really go for you.
I'd give anything to be with you,
Lay my life on the line,
Just to spend one more moment with you.
I would die a thousand deaths,
To feel you at my side,
To know that we're together as man and wife
Nothing can tear us apart,
We will always be together,
Sharing our adventures.
If I could fall asleep holding you in my arms,
I would shield you against any harm my love,
My purpose would be complete.
Even now as I look at your picture,
I still can't believe,
That God has sent you to me.
I have done nothing special to deserve you,
But He grazed our hearts with a touch of His heavenly hand,
Which has now made my life whole.
So, Jennifer,
Let me tell you in no words,
How much you mean to me.
Nothing in this world,
Can add up to how much I love you.
So let it now be known,
At this very moment and forever,
I want to thank you!
For loving me the way you do
Every time I look to the stars I will be reminded
Of just how much you love me.
I Love you
Forever and Always,