For Simon, Who Loved
Paige Chia

In tears, you said you'd fallen in love with me.
Your wept devotion for all to see.

Amazed, I said to you it could not be,
That nothing and none such love felt we.

The love it was true! and hard in your heart, you swore,
Mistaken you are, I insisted; no more.

In time, I liked to forget I once knew you
Apart we were and nine years flew.

Why did you throw up high my wall of defense?
You know we might have become good friends.

No force of earth or mind should doubt me now,
I know I was right, but you've won somehow.

By the wrangling sobs I hear, and because you I still see
Who'd cried and said you'd fallen for me.

My second mind steals up and lets this through,
And now I ponder if I had loved you too.