one a.m.

It’s one a.m.
And I know you’re sleepy
Your mouth yawning and your hands lifted up
Trying to wipe away the sleepiness out of your eyes
You’re looking at your watch
And I can’t help but smile
Because I can take a hint
But I can’t seem to pull myself away
From your boyish charm
Your inability to harm
And all I want to do is lay next to you
And listen to you breathe
Right before you fall asleep
I wonder what you dream about
Hoping I make a guest appearance
In the never ending sitcom
That plays in your head
And I struggle to be just as cute as you
Eager to tattoo myself in your mind
Just as your persona has engraved itself in mine
The minutes go by too fast
You’re asking to walk me home
The pain of being apart from you
Is delayed
As I make you walk that much slower
Merciless, I know, forgive me

It’s two a.m.
And the night replays in my mind
Like old reruns on late night TV
And I wonder if you’re watching them too