Everything is messed up now, I'm drowning in despair
Everything is colder now, as smaller breaths of air
But what about my say, where do I come in
Changes without my approval, as I live this life of sin
What about me and how I think and feel
Now living in this cold world, a life that feels unreal
Nothings getting better, it’s always getting worse
It’s an obstacle I'm running through, everything’s a curse
As I sit in a dark corner, and then begin to cry
I take a knife a slice my throat, and slowly start to die
I'm starting to get weaker, my eyes are closed, tight shut
My hole is getting deeper, and I'm stuck in a rut
My eyes slowly open, and everything comes back into place
I jump from my sleep, and my heart begins to race
It was all just a dream, a wicked twist of fate
To see what could of happen, just to indicate
I then laugh to myself, as my hands clasp my neck
My mind lost in worry, my thoughts tied in a wreck
I pull my hands away, they now are covered in red
I try to scream but can't, so I lie still in my bed
Everything is wrong again, and I don't see why
Why did I make this happen, why do I have to die
But I guess I messed up, as I slowly slip into dark
My mind is rushing faster, and feels like knifes to my heart
I'm sorry for not listening, I took my own advice instead
My pride clouded my mind, for thoughts to hit my head
My heart has finally stopped, I surly am to die
I close my eyes and sleep, as I say my last...goodbye