First Love
Courtnee Chapman

There comes a time when people
fall in love for the first time,
That is what we call the first love,
They think that person will be
there for the rest of their life,
But then they realize that
they are not the one they want,
They begin to grow apart from each other,
Sometimes they don’t eat
and they even cry themselves to sleep,
Then they call the quits one the relationship,
They tell themselves that it’s time to move on,
Sometimes they are not for sure
that they should have left their first love,
But then they remember that
there are more fish in the sea,
They always hold a spot in their
heart for their first love,
And later on in life if the
two of them come back together,
Then they know that they were meant to be,
They figure out that they were supposed to be with their first love.