I Love You- Dedicated To Jonathan L.F.
Andrea Bell

Me tenir.. Et Vous Promet ne Laissera jamais Va.
I remember When i met you,
Couldn’t you get you off my mind.
Even when i closed My eyes, All I could think of, Was You Gotta be mine.
Now Your Who im livin my life for.

your words are my angel keeping me alive,
your love the soul thats helping me survive.
i sleep nights with ur eyes screaming through my dreams.
roses and broken hearts floating down this stream.
Je Toujours Vous Aimerai, Vous ?jamais Serez le mien?

I yearn for that day i could fall asleep looking into your eyes,
your breath leading mine throughout the darkened night.
Hoping someday youll grasp me in your arms and hold on tight.
Silently promise to never let go.
kiss you goodnight with no fear of good-bye,
whisper truths and kill all the lies.

Us aligned with a circle of roses never to be broken,
those 3 meaningful words to forever be spoken.
I Cradled a Million Tears in my heart to keep you close to me,
Love in my soul for you always..i can guarantee.
for you are my only reason that my heart continues to beat.

Now For All the love you’ve given me..i dedicated to you.
my last hug,
my last kiss,
and my last smile on my lips.
but my only regret now is im scared to tell you this.