The Closet
Travis Lee Roman

Once upon a midnight dreary I sat upon my bed so weary
Sitting on my bed just waiting when suddenly I felt a fright
For nearly I was napping but then came the sound of tapping
Just about to fetch a nap then arrived the tap, tap, tap
All I heard was tap, tap, tap coming from my closet door
Only this and nothing more

Walked up quietly got on the floor and slowly opened the closet door
All there was were stuff just thrown upon my closet ground
I slammed the door and ran back to my bed saying everything’s alright
Ran back to my bed but sure I was alright
Heard something mutter in the room “I’m here for you now”
Just a voice and nothing more

Creepy as it seems it was all so real if I only I could make it a deal
Underneath the bed sheet covers waiting until my mind shuts down
Then suddenly the voice is there not only one place but everywhere
Tried to think it was only a dream but voices all around crazy as it
The voices say to me I’m going to die
Merely this and nothing more

Fearing the worst shocked as I was really scared of what it does
Waiting and waiting for it to be over until the dawn of sunrise appears
My bed starts to shake side to side I got so scared and then I cried
Crying so much fearing my death today was the worst day of my life
I was about to die from a silly voice
That’s it was and nothing more

Kept saying to this is all so fake wishing I were never awake
The sheets were thrown from over me and then onto the floor
A creature was standing over me that’s all that was there and all I
could see
The ugliest thing I ever had seen it was all over and on top of me
It opened its mouth and pulled me in
That was the end and nothing more