A Ride Back Home
Gautam Dhar

A ride back home in the early morning rain
On a day so soft and blue it could be
I think about the days again and again
When the life seemed high and oh so free

But the times are gone and rivers run dry
And it broke my heart when she said goodbye
Still I stare at the stars on a night so long
When the sky's hung low and the moon's up high

Just passing through the hills to a place unknown
By the same old creek in a no-name town
I long for the love now dry as a stone
Lying still all alone on the snow covered ground

But the winds are gone and birds are too
And it broke my heart like I never knew
Still I sing to her love till the night fades away
When the song stands still and words are few

I'm riding back again in the chill of the night
On a dream so lost that I'll never see
Just thinking about the days when I held her tight
Time when the world did seem so free
Lord as wild as the wide open sea.