letter of application
Markus Kiener

I’m sitting around
with nothing to do
the work is done
and I’m through anew
my letter of application
I have sent them all away
today three in numbers
tomorrow I can’t say

now I’m waiting here
for an answer to come
anytime by day
they can call me at home
none has answered me yet
and I’m waiting still
with nothing to do
but time to kill

I’m all by myself
with my sorrow and despair
and there’s no one I know
who really does care
friends, they have left me
my parents, they say nothing
I must be guilty of something
but I can’t feel a thing

whatever they will answer
whatever they may say
I won’t be disappointed
they will get me anyway
I just want to know
‘cause I haven’t known yet
if I still can hope for the job
or is it better to forget

I have been jobless
for a month or so
and I know how about me
I can feel my troubles grow
‘cause when I see today
what’s to be said and done
is my chance finding a job
not the smallest one

well, who am I
and what may I be
I think and wonder
while I’m trying to see
and who am I
to say such words
do I know at all
who I do hurt