Take a walk in the Forest
Betty Bolden

Have you ever took a long walk in the forest?
Looking up to the sky as you swayed by and by.
The tall trees standing proud
fill all the spaces now.

Rivers running freely loud
breeze blowing lightly around.

Close your eyes and dream of Him
The one who put the trees within
Let your mind take you there
Walking in the forests wind.

The crickets chirp,the land is free
my soul searches for thee.

The smells of pine and maple to
The sounds of Heaven wait for you
His Love is all around us
His touch revives the day
His Love is in my heart today
The forest is free inside of me.

Take His Hand and walk the path
Hear the sounds He gives
Let us live within His Grace
Let us touch His sweet face.

Written by:©Betty Bolden

All poems are my writings
they are copyright
Do not use without permission.

© Betty Bolden