broken heart

My heart bleeds,
it refuses to heal.
This seems so strange
to me, so unreal.

This pain I have inside my heart
comes from loving you.
You're the one who betrayed
my trust and gave me words
that were untrue.

I miss you so much,
more than words can say;
and these feelings hurt me more
each and every day.

I miss your touch,
your gentle kiss,
the way you used to hold me,
the things you used to say.
It's all of these things and more
that I wish for each and every day.

You made me so happy
when we were together;
all I could do was laugh and smile.
But that\'s all over now,
it has been for a while.

I hope and pray that
you will come back
to me someday.But
I know that wont come true.
I wish so much that i
could just stop loving you.

It hurts me to know that
you will never return these feelings.
And for some strange reason
my heart wont start healing.

I don't know why my
heart wont let go;
the answer to this
I may never know.

I didn't ask to feel this way,
who in their right mind would?
I would make it all go away,
if only I could.

When you said that you loved me,
it was all just a lie, just
another thing to make me cry.
But when I said I loved you,
I meant it from the bottom of my heart.
But now I realize it's time for me
to put these feelings away
so that my healing can
finally start.