Digital Marriage
Anand Petrus

we set upon an EXPEDITION,
traversing the CYBER lands
riding the rough DIGITAL seas
our CLOCKS knowing no difference,
'twain dawn and dusk
seeking now and then
for our lost hearts
stopping only to look at
sights that could stop
angels in their flights.

'twas then we hit upon the TREASURE
the day - bright and blue
affinity was imminent, none knew

a lightning across the PLATEAU shores
told we were away for years a' score

text and tone flew past lands
cultures and language
prooving - "a spot on this
3rd stone from the sun
never is a barrier for love"
this event stopped us in our
sift for the right - the apparition
never faded off our psyche!

we hung on to the WIRES of
the NET, thriving for the
locks and keys of
respect and desire
we found in this tie-up
exciting as it was to see
all the thorns that had torn
our hearts so long,
droop and fall...........

..........but then, we could only HEAR
and we could only READ our thoughts
- a dream sans visage.
haunted us thru endless lonely nights
the voice, the mails, sure had
clasped us like poison ivy.

time passed, the TRANSCRIPT trade
grew, bytes and bytes more of \'em
atlast the VIRTUAL LIAISON needed
proximity, the nearness, warmth and love
yonder mere DIGITS and distant VOICES

so was the RENDEZVOUS resolved
and we met. the site,
this time being REAL and EARTHLY.

and here we are ...
carving our names in the
golden sands of nuptial bliss.