Donna Lynn-Roberts

On July Eighth, Nineteen Ninety One,
I lost my Love,
My one and only Love,
to God above.

Michael was his name,
Rolling into my life on his
Motorcycle he came,
My peaceful life was never the same.

He had blonde hair and blue eyes
That held a twinkle of
mischief when he smiled.
Michael’s mischief twinkle is
now in the midnight starry skies.

Michael was my friend,
He brought joy, laughter and sunshine,
He never made it rain.
Whatever life might send,
Michael was my friend to the end.

Michael gave me his time,
No matter how busy he may have been,
As thoughts of him flood my mind
of sharing cherished moments
and remembering way back when.

Michael, my husband he became,
Faithful and trustworthy the same,
His promises were true,
He loved me too.

We were married six months
when he learned he had cancer,
Two years later Michael went to God above.
When he was alive,
He never made it rain,
He left me his love and then took his
journey above.

I would weep until I fell off to sleep,
I felt his hand tugging at my sleeve,
Reaching out to comfort me,
My pets slept below,
I knew who it had to be.

There was no sound,
Just a tug,
Letting me know it was
going to be alright,
And he was there to guard
me through the night.

It is now Two Thousand and Three
And I am forty-three,
There has been rain,
There has been pain,
But knowing he’s my angel
who watches over me,
It lessens the fear and the worry.

Never have I married,
Love I have not found,
Friendship never lasting,
Joyous laughter never to sound.

I look for the twinkle of Michael
In the eyes of those I meet,
His friendly nature,
His mischief smile,
His common qualities as mine,
Never have I found.

Michael my friend,
Michael my husband,
Michael my love,
Michael’s my angel,
Michael’s with god above.