Loving You
Gautam Dhar

Sometimes when the sun goes down
I feel so lost and blue I could be
Lord how I long to be homeward bound
Just to lay in your arms by the old oak tree

It's just the way you make me feel
And all those kisses I long to steal

So stay with me till the end of time
Oh till the stars all turn to blue
If ever my songs all lose their rhyme
My heart won't ever stop loving you

Sometimes at night when the moon stands still
I can feel your touch so soft and low
Lord as warm as the breeze on a hill
Just to sing in your eyes when the hour's slow

‘Heart it's just the way you call my name
And all those things make me feel the same

So stay by my side till the rivers run dry
Oh till the leaves turn all so blue
And I'll sing my songs till the day I die
For my heart won't ever stop loving you.