Image Reflections
Valerie Clark

Within the glimmering starlight and silhouetted amid the
dancing shadows, I reminisce thee. Out in the forest, I walk the
natural pathways and vanish among the trees. The wind sweeps my hair,
the crescent shaped moon glistens in my eyes, I listen to the silence.
I tread a bit further and access the murky bog and stand at its
presence. The only sounds are the whistling of the breeze and the
moving of the darkened waters of the bog. Other than that, everything
is hushed as I look in the water engulfed with the thin layer of silky
fog. I gaze at my reflection which gazes back at me; It looks lost and
confused. I think to myself, "I'm tired of being me. I wish I could
simply refuse." I feel so despondent that I begin to weep, for I'm
feeling that I am no one. It seems that being who I want to be is as
impossible as to cease the rising and falling of the sun. I chase the
tears from within my eyes and slowly peer back to the water's image. I
look for my reflection which had been casted inside, but am bewildered to see that
it no longer exists. I peer hard into the water, getting down on my
hands and knees, looking and looking. I shake my head in despair and
gaze even closer, but find absolutely nothing. A little in fear but
mostly in question, I leave the forest with my mind racing. I returned
home that night and tryed to sleep but couldn't. My life has gotten

"There are many people whose image reflections have "vanished away."
Those are the people who refused to accept who they really were. Your
reflection is a splitting-image of you. If you refuse yourself, in
reality, you have no reflection at all.