Izyl Fe Alijah Iso

Hey do you know, have you felt it too?
Your heart is jumping and your pulse is racing
When you saw someone so special to your heart
Feels like heaven, floating in a cloud.

You know I felt it too, too strong to deny
Though the hurting is strong
I have to express it all, for my heart's sake.

I live each day, to see his smiles
To feel his warmth, to be by his side
To reach the stars, to feel alive
Is to tell him the truth, to face no lies.

How can I tell him, how will I face him?
I have no strength, I'm too weak to try
I'm so afraid, so afraid to take risks
That knowing if knew this, he will left me in tears

If I were you, would you run away too?
Knowing that our friendship is so precious to you
I have to choose wisely wether to keep what I feel
Or tell him that I love him, and face whatever the outcome may be.

You see I'm in agony! Confused and going crazy
Would you rather be sorry, or tell ne not to worry?
Please help me now, or I'll never be at peace
This crazy feeling of mine will never make me at ease.

Would you listen to me if I tell you a secret?
I still love this person and I have no regrets
So I'll ask you a question, please answer me true
What would you feel now, if this person is YOU?