Kevin Brian Wright

Tonight I met nothing but Love, this rose Quieter, this
evening gone to sleep, some Touch of your breath, begins at sun, a
simple Kiss, leads you so soft, thy parting sweet,
Love is east, where heavens follow, your Waking flower, found so near,
the golden Walk of eternity, nights done, as morning Some, where
memories all the rest are here.

Paradise warms your blossoms, and weaves Within my fingers, where angels
kneel in Prayer, marching in parades of paradise,
Where the hours prepare themselves,
For each minute that looms in red, to address The rose of forever after,
aged in a timeless Love song, in winter this side of snow, beyond Your
eyes of many rainbows, share my Sentiments with air.

Winds softly touch your hands, where ample Skies lie at your feet, Grant
me one wish thy Love, within my Summer mind, with words so Warm, in
which You bare in early voice, as Come another rose.