Kimberley Jones

Her brother leaves,
He knows what goes on,
When the parents are gone.
She was miss’s goody, goody,
But all that has changed.
Pot, Sex, Drugs, she's a cutter,
Her hair was brown,
Now is jet black.
She used to like candles, flowers and beads,
Now all she wants is attention,
That’s all she sees.
I used to know her,
Now I wonder "who is she".
She met some people,
The wrong ones I think,
Because what she does now is smoke and drink.
Sometimes there’s nothing worse than the truth,
But this is her reality.
It makes no sense to me,
No it isn't clear,
How she somehow went from doing right to wrong,
She used to belong.
She will die without knowing I'll cry for her,
She is my friend and always will be.
Someone say something,
Before she dies,
With pain,
She is stuck in her new reality world,
Does she belong?
Or will her world go flashing by,
Stop her before reality makes her die.
Watch her back,
before reality attacks.