One?et? become one

The wish you cherish
The prayer on my lips
So embrace
Your breath on my face?
One?et? become one

I forget all my pain
I forget this world
You fill all my senses
You fill my very soul?
One?let? become one

The depth of my love
The truth of my life
My selfish desire
My deepest fear
You?e seen it all
One?let? become one

How long should I see
To satiate my eye
Why do I feel this life is too short
To contain this love
To realize this now
One?let? become one

Destined to meet
Destined to part
Why do we love
If you have to leave
A thousand years?his moment of truth
One?let? become one

Till we meet again
Or will we ever
Its now or never
Once and forever?
Let'S become one?ne