i love you jared
nikki profenna

I love you baby with all my heart, I say it thousands of times but, I can say it a thousand more and it will never measure up to its true meaning. Everyday with you, another dream of mine comes true. Every second were together, we make another memory for the future to remember. My heart takes over my mind and all reality in my life disappears. I love the feeling I get from you, the feeling of your deep, dark, beautiful eyes that I love so much, glaring into my eyes as my heart skips a beat in amazement of the powerful feeling never known by another and never thought possible to exist. I love you so much for you mean so much to me. I wish I could do more than just say it, show it, and give all of me to you, but what else is there? What else can I do to reveal and share with the world the most indescribable, unspeakable, inexpressible, feeling of my love? I cant. Its not and never will be possible. Not possible to show, not possible to tell, not possible to explain!
in any extent of the word, but I don? need to show the world, I just want to show you and share with you my deepest feeling ever felt. No, this isn? a line, this isn? another poem just found online, some meaningless words just anyone can think of and not really understand, its real. Its me. You have all of me and I? so proud. I love you Jared.