poetry punk 495

i am drowning in a pool of life, flooding my lungs, dying more as i sink,
i lose more breath each time i blink.
i see the blood-colored water,and everything begins to blur,
im dying....drowning, im almost sure.
almost positive i float to the air,
i wanted to die, this is so unfair.
i feel a hand wrap around mine,
but this is only a memory, of a happier time.
a time when you loved me and saved me as well,
wether or not your still saving me only time will tell.
im still floating, wading thru the water,
each time i fall, my body becomes hotter.
im drowning in the love inside your heart,
the taste is bitter, almost tart.
i feel each break, as they crack and tear.
but theirs nothing, its completely bare.
bare of love, bare of breaks,
even though a part of it, each girl takes,
i'll give yours back, if i get mine too,
cuz i kno thers a piece of me, still inside you.