i fell and it hurts
shelby loves rex

i'm unbreakable
unbelievably strong
i never did cry over a love song
i laughed when guys broke up with me
why believe in feelings i cant touch or see
but one day i found my heart i passed the test
i found it full of lve inside your chest
ilooked into your eyes so deep
and fell off a cliff forever steep
i fell deeply quickly & truly in love
but when it was over it hurt so much
now i cry when i hear a sad song
the days they seem forever long
everyday i wake up hoping to die
never thought it'd hurt so bad for you to say goodbye
how soes it feel to break ms. unbreakable?
make her fall in love un mistakeable
to know you broke her life in two
and that her broken heart lives inside of you
i guess i'm not unbreakable after all
even the strongest ones take the fall