I'm sitting here thinking about the old times,
And the look in your eyes.
Remembering what you did,
And the past that I despise.

You took my body,
And did what you pleased,
Because you said that I was a tease.
But now matter the the bruises or pain that you caused.

It could never compare to what you took from me,
The night I told you it wasn't meant to be.
With each thrust you took a piece of me,
You stole my true identity.

To think I trusted you,
Makes me hate myself.
Because of my stupidity,
You took an important part of me.

Now everytime when I think of how it was supposed to be,
I can\'t help but remember what you did to me,
And how you said it was my destiny.

As I sit and think to myself,
I ask why me,
What did I ever do to deserve such misery?