Dear Woman
Just me

Sometimes I feel like cuddling in your arms like a child afraid of what it doesn't understand. It shows how much trust I have in your loving convictions standing in front of the window watching the rain have its way with nature benevolence. It reminds me of the way you come openly without reservations of any sort desiring all of me without any recourse. I am absorbed by you even when expectations become mystified because of your magnificence. I surely enjoy sitting with you on memorable days of splendor with you teasing and being playful in your sweet innocence way here is no distance from which you and I will ever be parted nor will destiny write our legacy in any fashion but an affair of quintessence excellence. I have no more seasons of pleasure without the love you give to me my life is worthless and I will stand at the gates of eternal questions awaiting for your deliverance of my humble soul. Please don't forget me now or then. I am always yours even on that day of reckoning

Just me
Copyright 2005
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May 11, 2005