Poem Collection by vincy kamberk

Just like that

I can take you just like that  
and you wouldn稚 even know  
may be in your dreams  
you might get the slightest hint  
which you値l readily dismiss  
once you wake up.  
I assure you there is no such thing  
as mutual consent,  
once I have taken you into my world  
through the means of my psyche  
here my relentless imagination  
will make you do as I choose  
tease you and striptease you  
If that may be the case.  
It hardly is so trivial  
as titillating myself  
at your expense  
even in the eye of my mind  
I can be gentle in this ruthless  
task of taking you  
of possessing you.  
Be assured you値l have  
all the breathing space you want  
you値l have total freedom  
like you never thought possible  
If you ever shed tears  
they will be tears of joy  
and you値l have them  
pouring rampant  
throughout my lucid dreams.  
The thing is you値l never know  
how come my name triggers  
the fondest memories in you  
how come the distant image  
of someone so remote as me  
whom you have hardly met  
hits such a deep spot in you.  
You値l never guess  
in your wildest imagination  
that just a short poem you wrote  
just those few words you scribbled  
and just the place you touched  
got you into all this double life  
the one that you breathe  
and the other that I have.  

I saw you see me

I saw you see me kiss my hand  
and being such a good friend  
you seemed not to notice  
while I pretended to suck it  
cursing the insect that stung me  
right on my forehand.  
I saw you see me bite my tongue  
you acted as though you had not  
'you are quiet' you inquired  
'It is nothing' I assured  
'daydreaming again' you joked.  
I saw you see me pick my nose  
you looked as though you did not  
I scratched it in a rush  
'bloody nose' I complained  
keeps on itching.  
I saw you see me wet my pants  
you looked the other way  
while I, in a hurry  
poured my glass onto my lap,  
'I spilled some wine, no harm done'  
you passed over a towel.  
I saw you see me kick my ass  
you took notice, you took offence  
fuming with rage you accused me  
'Your ass belongs to me mutherfucker,  
this will cost you Big Time!'. 


My truth is in the here and now  
I can only stretch into eternity  
when devoid of further promises  
of supernatures metamorphosis.  
For the time being  
all ambitions, all prospects  
of resurrection, reincarnation  
all possibilities of continuity  
after the point of death is heresay  
it bears no assurance of reality.  
I do not want no false promises  
no sugar coated carrot sticks  
to escape into a future fantasy  
when truth is neither here nor there.  
I want it all right here, right now  
and if it ain't here for real  
I wouldn't go wanting any further  
enough's enough!...  
On the other hand  
it is equally foolish of me  
to dismiss any such possibility.  
What if, I have come again  
with total loss of memory  
yes, a 'de ja vu' is at play  
I have been here before  
will most likely again  
weather I like it or not!  
Wait a moment, I think  
I may be on to something  
suppose wishing makes it possible  
without intent I might miss the chance  
Chance?...what chance?...  
what if it is all predestined  
what if I have no choice in the matter  
I shall be falling in line...in place  
weather I like it or not!  
Whatever will be will be  
I need not surrender to destiny  
just surf this river of time  
so long as I am with the grain  
the going is smooth, it slides through  
I need not swim, I shall float with it.  
When it gets jammed though  
when the going is rough  
the waters troubled  
the World upside down  
against the grain of nature  
synthetically induced  
fanatically imposed  
brutally enforced  
crucially flawed  
What then..??  
Whatever will be will be  
so long as I can  
hold on to  
just a smile,  
a nod of acceptance  
'Que sera sera!'.  

The blood of silence

I once saw a poet  
bleed to death  
I heard him whisper  
his last verse  
the blood of silence  
so intense!  
I recall hence  
at his expense  
so much nonsense  
that makes sense.  
This is the illusion  
of the illusion  
of the illusion  
of the illusion  
of this illusion  
of being here. 

Fallen angel

An angel fell from  
high... high the sky  
into the ocean of my dreams  
with a big splash!!!  
My tides came up  
waves hitting  
the shores of my mind...  
This was a wet dream  
sweat and tears and more  
she was sinking fast  
I dove deep  
held her in my arms  
gave her the mouth to mouth  
she coughed out holy waters.  
When she opened her eyes  
I heard the silent cries  
of a fallen angel  
" I fell in love  
with a breathe  
I fell in love  
with a breeze  
I fell in love  
with any thing  
I fell in love  
with everything  
Then I woke up  
with a smile  
and for a while  
I was so high.  

Man made

Lost scriptures reveal
ancient tabernacle
restored under  
delicate circumstances  
to be kept alive and caged  
in state sponsered museum.  
See, a loser by profession  
and a chooser by choice  
will only kiss the feet  
that has enough meat to eat.  
Take them losses as they come  
hardened,hard to take,hard to live with  
this hard core passion for martyrdom  
has been nurtured into abundance.  
Some losses can not be contained  
but such a loss as the human soul
will blow up and over and hover  
like screaming ghosts longing to discover  
the sceletal remnants of man made power.

Cosmic lust

Ancient life falling down  
onto mother Earth  
meteorite showers  
sprinkling space dust  
all over this planet.  
The friction of entry  
is peeling the crust  
warming the seed  
hatching the eggs  
the universal deed  
is here indeed.  
Do you believe that divine power  
wanted to come lower and lower  
this may be nothing but cosmic lust  
In whom was it that we did trust?. 



Hey what's the rush  
I can feel your crush  
on me and then you push  
go...go...go...go...you urge  
If you love me so why this purge  
I shall thus surge and hit them wild  
with all the kisses you have spared me  
heavily armed I shall proceed to fuck them  
like I have never even remotely done with you  
will you consider having me back when I'm done?.  


Come in    
open door policy    
is in effect    
there is no privacy here    
just space and us    
though time is a factor    
it ain稚 worth the fuss.    
Open up    
this room is cluttered    
but you don稚 have to be    
here is evidence    
of traces of life   
walk all over this space  
in your own good pace    
the quality of this take    
is in the giving.    

Out of context

In a Village square  
knee deep  
in the glut of irony  
and mumbo jumbo  
of life  
a horizontal fall  
which will roll  
down the slope  
gathering speed  
as it goes.  
When you hop out of it  
in mind first  
then of body  
politicking xtacy  
not a square price to pay  
for times shifted  
out of context.  
Arise, arise above it all  
meet the sky eye to eye  
let go of the home baked pie  
before you die.  


From the moulder's intent  
into the frying pan  
a rude awakening  
to life's ordeal.  
The predator's word  
a double-edged sword  
the escapist sings  
a forsaken song.  
The primitive urge  
too eager to surge  
embracing pain  
from the serpent's tongue  
to the unicorn ears.  
In the time of need  
one persons hunger  
another's greed.  
There are traces left  
of what was indeed  
a primordial feed  
the pillaging and theft  
of the original seed.  

Journey in time

Time is a mighty river  
towards eternity  
while we journey in it  
towards some destination  
some metamorphosis  
some point  
we call death  
where we stop  
while time goes on  
and on and on  
do we go on  
while time stops  
Shall we ever know  
the whole truth  
nothing... nothing  
but the truth  
When we are one with time  
we are not merely passengers  
we are the journey.  
Are not there then  
those moments when  
we catch a glimpse of eternity  
as time in all clarity  
stands still.  


Something is burning  
without flames  
somebody must be  
playing games.  
Ashes turning  
into dust  
invisible dreams  
beneath the crust  
Birds are singing  
so we must  
hear the whispers  
of the past  
find new meaning  
in ancient trust  
Time is burning  
here at last  
life is changing  
changing fast.  


My art emerges  
without any deliberate  
Not a single stroke  
is foreseen.  
All are dictated  
by immediate impulses  
the faintest tremblings  
of signals  
from the depth  
of my being.  
What proceeds  
is the gradual emergence  
and recording of  
unpremeditated imagery.  
This is a mode of expression  
that fully satisfies  
the eye or the ear  
by achieving  
rhythmic unity.  
What counts  
is the spontaneous  
the impulsive.  
My drawings become  
what they are.  
Like poetry  
the lines  
the forms  
and become  
All is constantly  
as it is being  
and when it is over  
it goes on changing  
and living  
to the state of mind  
and perception  
of whoever is  
looking at it.  
I am not merely  
the executor of my art  
I live my work! 


Come in  
open door policy  
is in effect  
there is no privacy here  
just space and us  
though time is a factor  
it ain't worth the fuss.  
Open up  
this room is cluttered  
but you don't have to be  
here is evidence  
of traces of life 
walk all over this space
in your own good pace  
the quality of this take  
is in the giving.  

Lucid Dreamer

Dare I ask  
of a sleeping self  
who and what  
to dream about?.  
Dare I dream  
all along  
why whoever  
is in there  
won't stop  
touching me  
to fit them  
to serve them.  
Why whoever  
is in there  
won't let me be.  
I have sacrificed  
my earthly  
for the gift  
of the sight  
of their  
Layers and layers  
of dream traces  
in my faces  
my visions  
are squandered  
washed against  
remote corners  
of the mind  
the faintest ideas  
gather and season  
to be set free  
the grasp of reason.  
Dare I ask  
this lucid dreamer  
If he can spare  
the will to change?  
With this poem  
I move  
into a space  
I can not be  
With this gesture  
I move  
into a pasture  
I can not be  

Look Twice

If you be the beholder  
of those runny eyes  
catching sight  
of an image  
of immense beauty  
cracked under  
intense exposure  
dusted out of  
harms reach  
I beg of you  
to look twice  
once at the virtue  
and then at the vice.  


When I came to this world  
nobody told me to breathe  
nobody taught me how to  
I just took a breath  
all on my own  
did the breathe take me?  
I have journeyed this life  
for half a century now  
taking a breath in  
then letting it out.  
I still have much doubt  
if I shall leave the breath  
the breathe shall leave me?  

Destiny's Will

Why bother to resist  
that which has been  
laid on you so far.  
You are after all  
the makings  
of a specimen  
which has  
a track record.  
You are statistically  
the static remnants  
of history's dust,  
the chronic conjuror  
of a string of lies  
played like a violin  
over and over again  
till there would be  
no more strings  

As I Wake Up

In my sleep last night  
I imagined this dream  
waking up into this story  
that I dreamt of imagining  
where I am strolling 
through this obscurity  
of a sleep 
where I dreamt 
of waking  up 
into this novel 
in which I am 
sleeping with you 
and slipping out of you 
As my  imagination fades
I wake up to dream 
of sleeping with you 
once again.